Transforming resources into social well-being
Our commitment to sustainable development and the stability of Angola is the central premise of our philosophy. This commitment is visible in the annual budget set aside for investment in community projects.

Sonangol Group works towards providing better conditions for the development of Angola by supporting projects in education, the arts, sports, science and the environment.

Commitment to the Community
Besides being the largest contributor to the State's budget, the oil company has undertaken the responsibility of implementing a vast number of social projects in an effort termed, "Together with the Community".

Cabinda is the province that has benefited the most from more than three dozen projects. In 2003 alone, more than six million dollars were spent in areas related to public health, education, culture, sports and agriculture.

Social Policies
Improving the quality of life, especially housing, of our employees is a continuous matter for consideration by our Administration Council. Because of this, they allocated resources for building housing.

To supervise the construction of housing complexes, "GEPA" and "NOVOS BAIRROS", a "social project committee" was created. The new housing projects are being built at Morro Bento, Corimba and Golfe-Camama.

In 200O "Cooperativa Cajueiro, Sociedade Cooperativa de Responsabilidade Limitada" was established to minimize the housing problems of our employees.

Elementary school sponsored by Sonangol.​​​