The implementation of the Operational Security system having as reference international standards, ensures that our operations occur in an environment free of incidents and ensures compliance with current legislation wherever our operations occur.

Thus Sonangol provides the protection and welfare of its employees, the preservation assets and security of community directly affected by the operations. The community awareness about the dangers and risks, as well as the principles inherent to industrial activities undertaken by Sonangol, is an integral part of the activities of the organization.
qssa_comunity_page1.pngWhat are we doing

Implementation of Safety Management System supported on IMS QHSE houses several programs and initiatives in such as QHSE culture program, which was launched in 2014 and aimed at creating and maintaining a safety culture supported element 5 in the IMS QHSE (insert Link to the element 5 for reference) whose aim is to promote positive attitudes and behavior of employees for the excellent performance of QHSE and encourage employees to monitor behaviors and attitudes that have implication in Health and Safety.

Implementing a Program of Work Accident Prevention aimed at identifying hazards and assessing potential risks in our workplaces is another tool we decided to embrace and which includes conducting awareness campaigns at all levels and organization of media, the realization of Daily Safety Dialogue (DDS) in our facilities, sharing best practices and lessons learned across the enterprise, periodic inspections to the Safety Management System and operations, the management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), management and maintenance of the Emergency Plans at our facilities by carrying out periodic drills (insert link photos simulation and training of Emergency Response Structures), monitoring of subsidiaries Safety Performance and oil concessions, are some the initiatives we took in progress.

Cases of Sucess

The reactivation program for Emergency Brigades of the facilities ensured that many of our facilities reached significant levels of prevention and preparedness for responses to emergencies. In the light of Executive Decree 195/11 - Legal Regime buildings in Fire Safety regularly to our facilities perform simulations that help test the implemented safety systems and train employees in emergency procedures.
Awareness campaigns used in various means of communication of the company have raised the level of understanding of the safety culture of the entire organization.

The Safety Day is an occasion in which Sonangol has held every year several activities aimed at boosting Safety and recall the need to contribute together to achieve significant levels of a robust safety culture, towards the international certifications. Here stands out the last two years conducting workshops that bring together employees of Sonangol, the oil companies in Angola operators, service providers and government institutions for reflection on the Working Accident prevention.


Management's expectations and the understanding employee expectations management is to have our free workplaces of any work incident.




Safety is our priority driven by our leadership and applied through our IMS QHSE. We have been striving to create and maintain safe and healthy work environments and apply robust operation and maintenance practices at our facilities.

Top management has created clear expectations aimed to encourage all managers stand out as safety leaders and to incorporate a strong safety culture in all employees.

The Basic Safety Rules of our QHSE IMS is another tool that helps us manage the safety. Every employee is encouraged to whenever you see something that looks unsafe, prevent or get the attention of someone who can stop him. These rules put into focus the most critical safety issues for Sonangol and should at least receive full attention of all, namely:

  • Maintain Operational Discipline
  • Work Permit
  • Work in Confined Spaces
  • Work at Heights
  • Handling Objectives and Loads, Lifting Operations
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Excavations
  • Traffic Safety
  • Drugs, smoke and Alcohol
  • Substances hazardous Chemical
  • Change Management
  • Environmental Awareness