What we are doing

  • Implement SIG-QSSA in different subsidiaries of group
  • Promoting culture of quality among our suppliers
  • Promoting the culture from the suppliers of certification of Quality Management System



Cases of Sucess


Realization of the 1st Conference on the certification of companies in Angola

In order to disseminate good practice and raise the national business for the use of of international standards of Quality, Safety at work and Environment, Sonangol in partnership with Ministry of Petroleum, the IANORQ and TOTAL E&P Angola, promoted in March 2012 to 1st conference on Certification of companies in Angola. The same was sent to the largest public companies in the different sectors of Angolan economy, Industry, suppliers of goods and service providers and is addressed topics such as “The Importance of Certification”. “The role of IANORQ”, “Process Management in Organizations” among other topics. The conference supported financially by Sonangol, with the participation of national operators, foreign, companies of different sectors of the Angolan econonomy as well as the general public.



Certification of the Quality of Group subsidiaries Management System:

Since 2005, Sonangol has certified the Quality of a Group subsidiaries Management System of different processes of its subsidiaries.


Here´s subsidiaries which Sonangol have some of its processes:


  • ESSA (2005)
  • Sonangol Distribuidora (2007)
  • - Abastecimento de Aeronaves no Aeroporto de Luanda
    - Produção de Lubrificantes
  • )
    • Sonangol Logística (
    • 2010)
    • - IBV1
      - IBV5
      - TEMAR
      - SONUSA (2010)
      - SONASIA (2010)
      - MsTelcom (2010)
      - Sonangol Refinaria de Luanda (2