Sonangol is proud to be committed in their transactions with the Health and Safety of its employees, safeguarding the environment and the quality of their products and services.
To ensure that this happens, Sonangol invests in an Integrated Management System Quality, Health and Environment (SIG-QSSA) establishing a set of guidelines aiming to put the organization in a prominent and internationally recognized position in its various business segments.

Links for check

- Corporate QHSE Policy

- Guidelines of MIS-QHSE (summary of 14 elements)

- Safety Moment Sonangol E.P.

- Green Minute Sonangol E.P.


ambiente.pngSonangol has as one of the pillars for sustainable development of its business environmental management during operations, ensuring the implementation of environmentally sound measures that help reduce the environmental impact by reducing the generation of waste, effluents and emissions as well as the efficient use of natural resources.



Qualidade.jpgEnsure that our products and services reach our customers with all demands, has been a constant challenge in Sonangol. We perform tasks that seek continuous improvement of our processes, through the relentless pursuit of the root cause of the problems affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the achievement of our products and services, development of action plans for implementation of remedial actions as well as conducting periodic audits.


Safety at work

Segurança_trabalho.pngThe implementation of the Operational Security system having as reference international standards, ensures that our operations occur in an environment free of incidents and ensures compliance with current legislation wherever our operations occur. Thus Sonangol provides the protection and welfare of its employees, the preservation assets and security of community directly affected by the operations.