Sonangol is proud to be committed in their transactions with the Health and Safety of its employees, safeguarding the environment and the quality of their products and services.
To ensure that this happens, Sonangol invests in an Integrated Management System Quality, Health and Environment (SIG-QSSA) establishing a set of guidelines aiming to put the organization in a prominent and internationally recognized position in its various business segments.




Activities SIG-QSSA:

  • Reduce the generation of waste, effluents and emissions, as well as the use of natural resources and energy
  • Preserving the biodiversity of localities impacted by operations
  • Contribute to the quality of life of employees, through prevention of diseases occupational
  • Reduce the risks in operations seeking the zero accident and safety of communities directly affected by the operations
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reliability of products and services and to time, quantity and quality, to ensure international standards of QSSA
  • Increase the reliability of products and services purchased, to ensure the international standards of QSSA




QHSE Program

Sonangol is proud of the fact that it has had neither a serious accident nor oil spill.

To keep it that way, the company planned a major investment in a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) program to ensure safety standards across all segments of activities.

The guidelines for implementation of QHSE were defined and published in 2002.

Also in 2002, the ​company allocated 2 million dollars and 2,000 employees for the implementation of the program across both production units and exploration sites as well as in areas such as transportation and distribution.

The QHSE program will take Sonangol's current standards a step further to ensure safe, clean and environmentally friendly working procedures for its employees as well as for Angola as a whole.