Sonangol is committed to "Prevent pollution by controlling the environmental impacts of their activities and using natural resources efficiently." To achieve this goal, there are measures implemented to reduce the generation of wastes, effluents and emissions.


What we are doing:

  • Environmental inspections to Sonangol facilities
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Training
  • Encourage separate collection
  • Ensure awareness of the environmental dates
  • Environmental competitions
  • Environmental licensing of our activities
  • Monitoring visits to The Seismic Acquisition Project by Sonangol EP
  • Visits and follow-up meetings about Operators environmental performance

Cases of Sucess


Both editions
of the Mabunda Beach Cleaning Campaign, mobilized many employees, Block Operators, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Public in general.


The Instalation of Recycling Bins in several Sonangol buildings including the Kindergartens, show our children and colleagues the importance of separating waste for later reuse or recycling.


The disclosure of environmental information on Outlook reminds employees of the importance for us to leave a better environment for our children.


As part of the Global Campaign Clean Up The World ', organized every year by the United Nations in September, the Directorate of Quality Safety and Environment (DQSA) of Sonangol E.P. held a thematic exhibition entitled "From Trash to Luxury', which took place in hall of the 5th floor of headquarters of Sonangol EP.

The event aimed to raise awareness among employees of Sonangol on the issue of waste management, based on the concept of reuse, recycling and reuse, and will have the presence and collaboration of the Angolan environmentalist Eunice Melo.


Sonangol, in partnership with Net Service company, conducted an awareness Campaign and Collection of Electrical and Electronic Waste in the city of Luanda, with the institutional support of the Ministry of Environment, whose aim was to encourage the disposal of these materials responsibly.


A little group of more than forty (40) women Sonangol EP and some of its subsidiaries, headed by the Administrator Anabela Fonseca, held on 21 March 2016 tree planting of Moringa species in various facilities of the national oil company located in Luanda. The act were part within the celebration of the World Tree and Forest Day. The event, designated "A Woman, A Moringa" fits in the framework of the celebration of World Tree and Forest Day.