About Sonangol's Literature  Revelation Award

Considering that, it happens every five years to completion of the Sonangol Literature  Revelation Award;

Considering that it's necessary to fill the breack with the promotion of a literary competition devoted exclusively to young angolan writers, Sonangol aims to stimulate and foster new talents;​

Is approved the Regulations of the Sonangol Literature Revelation Award.


(Content approved for the competition held in 2015)


CHAPTER I - Objectives

Article 1
This Regulation aims to establish the terms and conditions that shall govern the activities related to the implementation of this literary award.



Article 2
This Regulation applies to all national competitors residing in the territory of the Republic of Angola.


CHAPTER III - Definition

Article 3
The literary award "Sonangol Revelation", is an award instituted by Sonangol - National Oil Company of Angola - Public Company, to distinguish qualitatively or literary research, Angolan writers, without any work published.


CHAPTER IV - Prize Value and Payment

Article 4

4.1. The value assigned to the literary award "Sonangol Revelation" is $ 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand U.S. Dollars) or its equivalent in Kwanzas.

4.2.The above figure will be paid by check or by bank transfer


CHAPTER V - Prize Management

Article 5
The literary award "Sonangol Revelation," will be managed by a Management Committee composed of five (5) members, three (3) appointed by Sonangol and two (2) by the UEA - the  Union of Angolan Writers.

CHAPTER VI - Competing Books
Article 6
1. The publications in competition will be unprecedented and a typewritten double-spaced A4 sheet in seven copies and must be signed with a literary pseudonym and delivered in a sealed envelope containing within it the true identity of the author (name, place of birth and address and nationality).


2. Publications which do not meet the requirements established in the preceding paragraph, will be disqualified and consequently will not be part of the contest.


3. Publications that not wins will not be returned to their originators.



Article 7
Publications in contest will include all genres, and will also be considered all the scientific studies or essays.

CHAPTER VIII - Submission Deadline
Article 8
The Literary Award "Sonangol Revelation," will be biennial and the works in competition must be submitted no later than the September 20th, 2014, the Union of Angolan Writers in Luanda - Angola.


CHAPTER IX - Evaluation Criteria

Article 9
1. Publications in contest will be evaluated by a jury, whose deliberations are not subject to appeal.

2. Will be evaluated only publications in Portuguese which refers to occurring events or persons, or related to the national territory of competitors.

3. For the evaluation of publications in contest, are criteria to consider the quality, timeliness and it's patriotic and educational value.

CHAPTER X - Jury Composition
Article 10

10.1 Jury is composed of five (5) members, two (2) appointed by the UEA, one (1) appointed by the Ministry of Culture, one (1) appointed by the Ministry of Education and one (1) appointed by Sonangol.

10.2 In the first working session, members of the Jury will choose among themselves the  Chairman  of the Jury.


CHAPTER XI - Jury Duties

Article 11
11.1. The Jury shall operate from the date of appointment until the date of the grant award and may be renewed, in whole or in part, by resolution of the Management Committee of the literary award "Sonangol Revelation.".

11.2. Aare expressly forbidden to enter the competition members of the Jury, Management Committee and the Presidents of the Association of writers and competing countries and members of the General Secretariat of the UEA.


CHAPTER XII - Juror's Compensation

Article 12
Each member of the jury will receive the amount of $ 2,500.00 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred U.S. Dollars) or its equivalent in Kwanzas, by check or in cash for fees of services rendered.


CHAPTER XIII -  Winning Work

Article 13
In addition to prize money, Sonangol, will sponsor the publication of 1000 (One Thousand) copies of the winning work, the author may have Two Hundred (200) copies. The remaining copies will be sold by the Management Committee of the Award, and the revenues will be deposited into a bank account established for that purpose by the Management Committee.


CHAPTER XIV -  Juror's Award Ceremony 

Article 14
The ceremony for the Literary Award "Sonangol Revelation," will take place on February 25th, 2015, in Luanda.


CHAPTER XV -  Omitted cases 

Article 15
Any doubts and omissions arising from the application, interpretation and / or consequences of these Regulations shall be resolved by the Management Committee of the "Sonangol Literature Revelation Award.


CHAPTER XVI - Validation entry

Article 16

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.


Luanda, May 20, 2014.