Sonangol is committed to ensure that its projects are developed with basis on solid foundations of sustainability, in order to cause the least impact to the balance between the environment and the communities that depend on it.

In regards to our activities like oil exploration and production that have a greater impact on the environment, we rely on applying sustainable practices and in the feasibility of a non-predatory exploration of the available resources.



Engagement with the communities

Sonangol is heavily engaged in the improvement of community development and supports​ the reconstruction and construction of schools, kindergartens and hospitals around the country.

And following the above principle Sonangol also supports numerous charitable works scattered in different Provinces.



Arts and Culture

We believe in the power of ideas. Grupo Sonangol invests in the creativity of artists, supports numerous cultural projects and sponsors the Sonangol Literature Award.

Stop by in the gallery of exhibitions on the ground floor of Sonangol EP Headquarters, downtown Luanda, which is open to the public and meet the Origins Project, which addresses the various characteristics of the different ethno-linguistic groups in Angola.

Also as part of this project, you can access the Site Origins.



Sonangol continually invests in the popularization and development of national sports by sponsoring sports events, funding several national teams (football, basketball and handball) and the National Olympic Committee.

In motor sports we support motocross events in Luanda, and from 2009 to the end of the 2010 season we were the title sponsor of 'Superleague Formula by Sonangol'.

Five years ago were started the 'Athletics Grand Prix', an annual 7 km run open to both federate and non-federate athletes.