About Sonangol's Literature Award

In collaboration with UEA (Angolan Writers Union), Sonangol Group instituted the Sonangol Literature Award in 1987. It is a social project whose objective is to support and distinguish Angolan writers. The award's winner receives a monetary sum and also gains exposure, visibility and access to the media for promotion of his work and career.

Initially the award had an annual edition but, since 2006 that it began to be awarded every five years and was also extended to writers from PALOP (African Countries of Official Portuguese Language) - more specifically Capo Verde and Sao Tome and Prince. Taking into account the contest success and popularity, in 2009 it was extended to the remaining two members of the PALOP community - Guine Bissau and Mozambique.

Over the years this contest has achieved prestige within the Angolan and international literary communities; the last edition was held in 2010 and the next will is scheduled to take place in 2015.

Rules (available in Portuguese only) for the 2015 Literature Contest  ( 1.5 MB)

Literature Award

(Content updated for the competition in 2013)


CHAPTER I - Objectives
Article 1
This regulation establish the terms and conditions governing the activities related to the implementation of the "Sonangol Literature Award".


Article 2
This Regulation is applied to all devoted writers of African Countries of Oficial Portuguese Language (PALOP).


CHAPTER III - Definition
Article 3
The "Sonangol Literature Award" is an award instituted by the National Oil Company of Angola - Sonangol EP to distinguish qualitatively literary materials or research of PALOP's writers.


CHAPTER IV - Prize Value and Payment
Article 4
1. The value assigned to the "Sonangol Literature Award" is $50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars), added by the publication of two thousand (2000) copies of the work winning the contest.


2. The aforementioned amount will be awarded to the winner of the competition in check during their ceremony to be held on February 25, 2016, in a timely place to indicate.


CHAPTER V - Prize Promotion

Article 5
The "Sonangol Literature Award", is a promotion of the National Fuel Society of Angola - a Public Company.


CHAPTER VI - Prize Management
Article 6
The "Sonangol Literature Award", is managed by a board consisting of five (5) members, three (3) appointed by Sonangol and two (2) by the UEA.


CHAPTER VII - Competing Books
Article 7
1. The publications in competition will be unprecedented and a typewritten double-spaced A4 sheet in seven copies and must be signed with a literary pseudonym and delivered in a sealed envelope containing within it the true identity of the author (name, place of birth and address and nationality).


2. Publications which do not meet the requirements established in the preceding paragraph, will be disqualified and consequently will not be part of the contest.


3. Publications that not wins will not be returned to their originators.


Article 8
Publications in contest will include all genres, and will also be considered all the scientific studies or essays.


CHAPTER IX - Submission Deadline
Article 9
The "Sonangol Literature Award" is held every five (5) to five (5) years and publications in contest should be delivered no later than January 1 to March 30, 2015 at the Headquarters of the Angolan Writers Union, in Luanda - Republic of Angola.


CHAPTER X - Evaluation Criteria
Article 10
1. Publications in contest will be evaluated by a jury, whose deliberations are not subject to appeal.


2. Will be evaluated only publications in Portuguese which refers to occurring events or persons, or related to the national territory of competitors.


3. For the evaluation of publications in contest, are criteria to consider the quality, timeliness and it's patriotic and educational value.


CHAPTER XI - Jury Composition
Article 11
1. The jury will consist of seven (7) members, one (1) appointed by the UEA, one (1) appointed by Sonangol, one (1) appointed by the Ministry of Culture, one (1) nominated by the Writers Association of Cabo Verde, one (1) appointed by the Association of Writers of Guinea Bissau, one (1) nominated by the Writers' Union of Mozambique and one (1) appointed by the Union of Writers and Artists Sao Tome e Príncipe.


2. In the first working session, members of the Jury will choose among themselves the Chairman of the Jury.


3. An employee of the UEA, shall act as Secretary of the Jury.


CHAPTER XII - Jury Duties
Article 12
1. The Jury has the responsibility to cherish and determine whether publication in contest and award the prize in accordance with criteria of value and equity, and shall operate for a period of one (1) year counted from the date of appointment and may be renewed, in part or whole, by resolution of the Management Committee of the "Sonangol Literature Award".


2.Aare expressly forbidden to enter the competition members of the Jury, Management Committee and the Presidents of the Association of writers and competing countries and members of the General Secretariat of the UEA.


CHAPTER XIII - Juror's Compensation
Article 13
The bonus to be awarded to each member of the Jury will be established by the Board of Sonangol EP, the proposal of the jury, adopted at its first meeting.


CHAPTER XIV - Jury's Decisions
Article 14
1. In the votation to select the publication competing for the "Sonangol Literature Award", in case of a tie, the President of the Jury shall have the right to veto.


2. The Jury may decide not to award the prize, if there's no quality in the publications in contest, but there is possibility to designate special mentions.


CHAPTER XV - Winning Work
Article 15
The "Sonangol Literature Award" is awarded to the best publication selected by the Jury in the genres of poetry, fiction, drama, collection of short stories, novel or juvenile literature and essays.


CHAPTER XVI - Omitted cases

Article 16
Any doubts and omissions arising from the application, interpretation and / or consequences of these Regulations shall be resolved by the Management Committee of the "Sonangol Literature Award".


CHAPTER XVII - Validation entry

Article 17
This Regulation is effective starting on the date of its adoption.