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    Sonangol participates in the production of green hydrogen

    14 de março de 2022


    Sonangol, through its Research and Development Center, is working on the creation of a strategy to produce green hydrogen, carrying out conceptual and engineering studies, to identify the location to installing a factory for the production of said compound and its derivatives, in Angola, for domestic consumption an export.

    The initiative is part of the company’s energy transition strategy, in the search for renewable energy resources, developed in partnership with the German companies Conjuncta GmbH and Gauff GmbH & Co. Engineering Kg who signed, among themselves, an agreement for the implementation of a plant for production of green hydrogen in Angola.

    Green hydrogen is one of the cleanest energy sources and its production, through water electrolysis, must be ensured by renewable energy sources. Due to their geographical characteristics, hypsometric and abundance of water resources, Angola stands out as a country with high potential in renewable energy sources.


    Sonangol, by means of this and similar measures, reaffirms its commitment to energy transition, through the implementation of local solutions to produce the alternative energy sources that preserve the environment.