Our subsidiaries make Group Sonangol operate as an integrated company that has its main activities centered in all phases of crude's chain of value.


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New business units are established as needed to contribute to the expansion Sonangol EP.

Due to the company's continued growth, Sonangol E.P. felt the need to diversify its activities in order to reduce dependecy on variations in the oil market and to create options for the repositioning of support areas for its primary business. Sonangol currently has stakes in companies of several sectors such as banking, finance and real estate. The combination of its subsidiaries, national and internacional partnerships, have come together to transform Angola's riches into the pride and wellbeing of the whole nation.

Beyond its businesses and activities in the oil industry, Group Sonangol also provides services in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications: these services are provided by MSTelcom whose expertise are three types of communication systems: radio transmission, microwave telecommunications and national and international satellite VSAT.
  • Air Transportation: is the core business of SonAir to the oil industry through a fleet of airplanes and helicopters.
  • Medical services: Clínica Girassol was established to provide hospital care to employees of Sonangol Group and its partners, as well as for the general population.
  • Real estate: through housing cooperative (Cooperativa Cajueiro) and Sonip, Grupo Sonangol is actively involved in the effort of building homes in order to contribute to solve shortage of housing in Angola.