Group Sonangol consists of Sonangol EP and its subsidiaries. And its main mission is to establish a business system around the oil industry, focusing on all aspects of management of​ hydrocarbon resources, enviro​nmental preservation and industrial safety.

Our subsidiaries operate in several areas including: exploration, production and marketing of crude oil, storage and marketing of refined petroleum derivatives.

Grupo Sonangol also has companies that are community oriented and whose main goal is to help on the development of the country.


Social Responsability

Sonangol Foundation
Oriented to the development of philanthropic projects.

A housing Cooperative devoted to materialize the dream of home ownership for employees.

Clínica Girassol
Provides medical services in various areas of hospital care for the general public.

SIIND - Industrial Investments
Dedicated to the management of industrial investments in Special Economic Zone (EEZ) Luanda - Bengo.

It has prospective coordination and management of industrial projects of Sonangol EP and its subsidiaries.


Sonip - Sonangol Real Estate and property

Is a subsidiary of Sonangol E.P. dedicated to the development of activities of promotion, investment and real estate sales. Its task is also to manage property assets of Sonangol E.P. and undertake the company's housing pilicy for its employees.

With the termination of the Governmental Mandate granted to SONIP under the National Programme of Urbanisation and Housing, held in August 2014, it is an ongoing reflection and strategic repositioning, focused on Sonangol's internal customers, specifically, real estate asset management with emphasis on administrative and hotel units buildings.

Sonangol worldwide

We have offices in London, Houston, Singapore,​ Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Havana and Beijing.


This brochure has representational organigrams of Group Sonangol. By reading you'll be informed of how many, and which, subsidiaries are part of the group and learn about their business activities and units.