Whenever possible and when needed Sonangol expands its activities to other industries and sectors. As it has grown, Sonangol was up specializing and in this path to achieving its aims constituted the subsidiary Sonangol Holdings, whose corporate purpose is the development of partnerships (joint ventures) with other companies enable it to the full exercise of their activities.

For instance when there was no national companies able to parti​cipate in the oil sector, Sonangol participated in the creation of the following companies:

  • Paenal - Porto Amboim Shipyards - comp​any in engineering activity, namely, naval constructions and other metal-mechanical goods for the oil, gas and other, offshore platforms dedicated to the drilling of wells;
  • Sonamet - prov​ider of manufacturing of metal structures for support services to the oil industry;
  • Sonasurf - company dedicated to provide maritime services fot the petroleum operations;
  • Sonasing - company with FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) operating offshore Angola;

As a public company, Sonangol has, among other objectives, the obligation to promote job creation, the acquisition of technology and the development of expertise of national companies.

In this context the government of Angola has established legislation aimed at favoring national companies (when able) to the detriment of foreign companies operating in the same field of activity.


Some of our joint ventures companies
Sonils:  logistical base for support of oil exploration and services companies. Sonadiets: technical assistance, maintenance and professional training. Sonaid: supply, storage, maintenance and tubular repair of equipment for oil and gas drilling.
SonanGalp: distribution and marketing of fuels and refined products Angoflex: Building umbilicals and associated products for the oil and gas industry. Kwanda: logistics base to support the oil sector operations.
BAI (Banco Angolano de Investimento): banking. Sonatide: provision of marine services to the oil operations. OPSoperation and maintenance of ships and FPSOs operating offshore Angola​.