From concessions for oil exploration, through crude's exploration and production to distribution and marketing of petroleum derivatives, Sonangol has its main activities focused in all areas of the oil industry.

Oil Concessions

Sonangol has the exclusive rights to oil and gas exploration and production in Angola - both onshore and offshore.


Exploration and Production

We search for hydrocarbons on all, marine and terrestrial, sedimentary basins and explore and produce this energy resource.



Marketing and Transportation

Sonangol Shipping Angola (Luanda) a subsidiary of of Sonangol Shipping Holdings Limited, responsible for the maritime transport of crude oil (Dirty Oil) and its refined (Clean Products) with Angolan coast waters at its national Oceanic Terminals in the ocean terminals of Cabinda, Soyo, Porto Amboim, Lobito, Namibe and Luanda.

 The company announces the opening Public Tender for the technical management of SSAL fleet vessels.




This segment involves processing of raw materials, storage and subsequent distribution of petroleum products.

Despite being an oil producing country, Angola has only one small refinery in Luanda that does not have enough capacity to meet the demand of the rapid economic growth. For this reason, Angola annually imports 250 million dollars of oil derivative products. To cover this gap Sonangol undertook the project of building a new modern refinery, Sonaref, with the goal of making a full integration of the production and refining of crude oil activities.

In the area of distribution Sonangol offers a wide range of petroleum products, which serve various industries and for home use.

The distribution and marketing of these products is handled by Distribuidora,which in addition offers products such as lubricants, oils and burning material, also has the availability, in Angola, of a wide network of service stations and gas stations.