Environmental Impact Assessment

Sonaref's environmental impact assessment (EIA) was conducted according to the guidelines of the national environmental legislation of Ministries of Environment (MINAMB) and Petroleum (MINPET) and the requirements of the World Bank and of IFC (International Financial Corporation). EIA started during the 4th quarter of 2007 and was divided in two phases.

EIA's Phase I covered the 'Construction of Infrastructure to Support the Construction of the Refinery', was completed in June 2010 and at that time a public opinion survey was held in Lobito a public hearing session for presentation of the 1st phase's report. According to decree 51/04 of July 23, 2004 following the public hearing comes the prepartion of a summary report detailing the actions taken, the turnout and the conclusions drawn, in order to obtain the final ruling on the licensing of this phase of the project. After having submitted the report for approval to MINAMB and MINPET, we look forward to obtaining the Environmental Installation License.

EIA's Phase II covered Sonaref's construction and operation and should be completed by 2011.

Social Responsibility

Towards construction of Sonaref, the following activities are were developed within the community.
  • Disclosure of Project Sonaref among the community.
  • Public opinion surveys held in Luanda and Lobito (October/2007)
  • Resettlement of former occupants of the terrain (June/2010):
    • Relocation of FAA's unit.
    • Relocation of the cattle breeders.
  • Relocation of the remains inside the project's perimeter to Teni's cemetery (March/2010).