Sonangol offers a variety of oil derivatives for use in the automotive, marine and railroad industries. The distribution and marketing of these products is handled by Distribuidora who offers products such as lubricants, oils, greases, LPG cylinders and stoves. Distribuidora also has a network of gas and service stations in Angola.

In 2005 Distribuidora initialized its international expansion with the opening of thirty (30) gas stations in Portugal.

Gas and Service Stations


Sonangol Distribuidora is the major distributor of gasoline and diesel in Angola, with functional gas stations in all provinces. Most of our gas stations have convenience shops with car care and convenience store products.

On a smaller scale, Distribuidora also has service stations fully equipped to provide a number of auto care related services.

For vehicles, motorbikes and airplanes Sonangol offers the following types of fuels:

  • diesel
  • gasolines:
    • Unleaded regular (Octane 93) e
    • Leaded (Octane 91)
  • aviation fuels:
    • Jet A-1
    • Jet B
  • marine fuels


LPG cylinder
Liquefied Pretroleum Gas (LPG) is sold in a pressurized tank as an inexpensive and safe form of energy for household use.

Our propane tanks can be purchased at authorized retail stores and agencies.

Kerosene can be used as fuel for wick-fed illuminating lamps and as a solvent product.


The brand Ngol represents the lubricants Sonangol and offers several types of greases, waxes and lubricants for diverse kinds of applications.

Our lubricants are divided in two main categories:

  • Automotive lubricants
  • Marine and Industry lubricants


Heating Appliances

  • Propane stoves
  • Propane heaters


Gas fueling card
The pre-paid card is an easy and safe payment method. Our gas fueling card is for exclusive use at participating Sonangol gas and service stations.