Our downstream activities include trading, refining, storage and transportation, marketing of petroleum derivatives and petrochemicals.


Sonangol's propane tank.Our logistics network includes several storage facilities where is conduct the reception storage and delivery of raw materials and petroleum subproducts. We also offer primary transportation of fuel by gas or oil pipelines, by tank wagons when conditions permit and eventualy by ship.

Another activity of our logistics department is container filling which includes: LGP filling of butane tanks, fire extinguishers refill and filling of liquid fuel drums.

The management of all Group Sonangol fuel storage terminals is done by Sonangol Logistica.


The driving force of international sales of operations produced in Angola, is the responsibility of the subsidiary Sonangol Comercialização Internacional (SONACI), whose focus is to promote the marketing of domestic supply, acting as an agent of crude oil commercialization and as agent for Subsidiary companies of Sonangol EP which export and import gas and refined products. It is SONACI who make the management of Sonangol Trading Units in London (established in 1983), Houston (established in 1997) and Singapore (established in 2004). With trading offices on three continents we can state that Sonangol's marketing activities for oil business are open 24 hours a day. At the present Sonangol sells 300,000 bpd in the international markets.

In Angola the sale is controlled by Gabinete de Operações de Comercialização who, on behalf of the international trading offices, also manages their logistics and administration contracts in order to guarantee smooth and fast operations.


Despite being an oil producing country, Angola has only one small refinery located in Luanda and it does not have the capacity to satisfy internal demand and rapid economic growth. For this reason, Angola annually imports about 250 million dollars of oil derivatives. To meet the national demand, Sonangol has now started the construction of a new and modern refinery, Sonaref, with the objective of having complete integration of oil production and refining activities.

Sonaref is under construction in Lobito, province of Benguela. It's set to open in 2015 and will have a production capacity of about 200,000 bpd.