Invitation For Tender [BIDS]

SONANGOL PESQUISA & PRODUÇÃO, S.A. is a Angolan enterprise on Exploration and Oil and Gas Production, hereby invites qualified contractors to present tenders, for the services bellow.
Detailed information about each Tender can be found by clicking on the respective services:

ITT Reference                Description of Services
12/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Replacement of the Terminal flexible import Hoses
13/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Inspection and repair of leak in the 16"Subsea Pipeline

Detailed information on the tenders listed above can be found at:



Interested contractors should send an e-email to , untill 16th May, 2018 making reference to the ITT Reference(s) of the service(s) that it intends to tender.


The delivery of the documents after the deadline indicated will result in disqualification of the company.