About the licensing rounds

The data on this page may be of interest for prospective bidders and investors to E&P activities in Angola. The information herein provided is intended only for consultation purposes.

  1. Technical presentation 
  2. Rules and References
  3. Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) templates
  4. Data packages of available blocks
  5. Main Laws for the Angolan oil industry 
  6. Pre-qualifying requisites

All files for download on this page are only available in PDF format. If you don't have it installed in your computer, please <_install Acrobat Reader .​​

For information on licensing rounds contact:

Direcção de Negociações (DNEG)
Edífício Sonangol
Rua Rainha Ginga, N° 29/31
Telefone: + 244 2266 42776/7
Fax: + (244-2266) 42926

For data acquisition please contact:

Gabinete de Gestão e Arquivo de Dados
Rua Rainha Ginga, No 29/31
Edifício Sonangol
Caixa Postal 1316
Luanda, Republic of Angola

Telephone: +244 226 642214/5
Fax: +(244-2266) 43025