SonangolCreated in 1976, Sonangol - National Fuel Society of Angola - is the exclusive licensee for exploration of oil and gas in the basement and on the continental shelf of Angola. Its activities span exploration, research, development, marketing, production, storage, transport and refining of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, and can be performed independently or in association with foreign companies.


The beginning
Oil exploration has been done in Angola since 1953; after independence to take on the mission of managing that extraordinary richness in order to transform it into development for the Angolan people, following the nationalization of Angol Sonangol was created according to modern market economy business models which, with efficiency and competitiveness, is capable of converting the resources obtained through its oil business into new development opportunities.


Through the years our company has grown and increased it's production of crude oil which led Angola to fit between the major producers of oil in sub-Saharan Africa which exports regularly, significant volumes to countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Sonangol operates with excellence in processes, offers quality in its products and services and is aware that health and well-being are fundamental to manage a daily oil production of high quality. We are an example of competence and trust, and a reference in Africa and worldwide, thus fulfilling the dual task of performing as an integrated company and acting as the driving force for exploration of oil resources in Angola.

We have a workforce of approximately 13,000 employees and we have our subsidiary companies and national and international partnerships to transform the largest natural wealth of Angola on creating opportunities, pride and welfare for more than 24 million Angolans. To ensure the continued growth of the organization and the country, Sonangol focuses on diversification of its activities.

For Sonangol generating oil richness is also an opportunity to value the human asset and open pathways to the growth of Angola. Based on the belief that creating value and do good are two inseparable realities, in addition to creating jobs and technology Sonangol's mission is also to promote sustainable development - expressed as support to social, environmental, cultural, scientific and sports projects.

Public Tender

Sonangol in recent years has been conducting Public Tenders by to its areas of action. The following are:



Our visual identity

To unify image of the subsidiaries and the main company in 2004 our Administration Council approved a single visual identity to be used within all Group Sonangol. The chosen brand is a modern version of our previous logo; maintains the original colors and as its predecessor is quickly recognized as being Sonangol.

Of easy identification and memorization, in Angola our brand is synonymous with innovation and quality of service.


Our offices

After years in a colonial building in downtown Luanda, in 2007 we moved our headquarters to a new building - Edificio Sonangol. With modern architecture, our new headquarters have in addition to offices, an exhibition gallery, cafeteria, a bank agency, gym and garage.

The offices serve as the workplace of employees of Sonangol EP and some departments of the subsidiaries.



Sonangol recently obtained its first international certification CCoEda known SAP multinational, which will provide the Angolan state oil facility in the updates / downloads and Enhancement Package installations 5, the Solution Manager update or upgrade to version 7.1, monitoring of ALM cycle and ITIL and shipping new versions of the Run SAP methodology.

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