Sonangol's brand
Our visual identity has two parts, a graphic element and the logotype that are combined in specific alignment and proportions to form the logo. Easily memorised and instantly recognisable, in Angola our logo is a synonym of innovation and quality of service.

The logotype is the name of Sonangol written in solid black (i.e. RGB: #000000) and in a specific typeface.

The square graphic element is the "S" of Sonangol, drawn in the colors yellow, red and black which, by itself, identifies our company.

The first logo
When Sonangol U.E.E. was established in 1976 Angola was a recently independent country where the people celebrated their young nation. Therefore to further promote that patriotism the colors of the flag - red, black and yellow - were chosen to be the ones in our soon to be designed logo.

Old Sonangol's logo.

After completion of the design process the approved logo was a harmonious combination of the national flag colors with the integration of the "S" that symbolizes Sonangol.

The original logo had only a vertical layout as per the image to the left.

With a simplistic and clean design our logo soon began to be known as "it's Sonangol".

Our contemporary logo
After 28 years of use, the Sonangol logo was redesigned in October 2004 to better express the company's expansion and new image. With the establishment of subsidiaries in diversified business areas, it became mandatory to have a unique identifier logo for all Group Sonangol - a monolithic brand that identifies Group Sonangol as a cohesive integration of companies with a unique visual identity.

The new logo has two layouts: horizontal with the logotype placed to the right of the graphic image, and the vertical where the logotype is below the graphic image.

Rules to use our visual identity
Color scheme and typography
To ensure that our logo is always displayed with the correct colors format and size we have made available downloadable files of the logotype and the different logo layouts on "Downloadable Files" section of this page.

Visibility of our logo
There shall be a white space margin around the logo in order to have clear visibility of our graphic image and logotype when using them on printed materials. This margin is calculated at 10 pixels.Aside from the design elements of our logo no other graphic images or icons shall be placed over our logo or inside the white spacing area.

Both the graphic image and the logotype shall be printed on a white background.

If our logo is to printed over a dark background please increase the white spacing area so that our logo can easily standout.

Se tiver que usar o nosso logótipo sobre um fundo escuro, por favor, aumente a área de isolamento ao redor da marca para que o nosso logótipo possa sobressair.

Avoid using our logo over backgrounds with a busy pattern and/or with colors similar to those of our visual identity.


Examples of incorrect use of our logotype

Our logotype can not be reproduced in any color other than solid black.    
Our logotype should never be formatted in italics.
Our logotype can only be written with the predefined font.    
Do not wrap our logotype.    
Do not abbreviate our logotype.    
Do not change the spacing between the characters of our logotype.    
Do not insert our logotype in the middle of text. If necessary simply type "Sonangol" using the font and size that match the text content.