Offshore_workers2.jpgSonangol EP is an integrated oil and gas company, owning the function National Concessionaire and developing business through subsidiaries.

Management of subsidiaries is exercised through executive committees, supervised by Executive Directors of Sonangol EP.

Sonangol EP also carries out methodological coordination of cross-corporate functions.

Segments of Activity
The business of Sonangol EP is developed by 18 subsidiaries framed in five business segments:

Segment Exploration and Production (Upstream)
Comprise all the subsidiary companies that are principally engaged in the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons.

Refining and Transportation (Midstream)
It brings together the refineries and shipping of crude oil and refined products.

Segment Logistics and Distribution (Downstream)
Integrates the subsidiaries of Sonangol-EP who are dedicated to the supply, storage, distribution and marketing of refined products of crude oil and gas.
Activities segment of the Nuclear Non (Non Core)
Made up of all subsidiary companies whose mission is the development of support activities to nuclear business Sonangol-EP, as well as companies that develop social business and human capital development.
Large Business & Financial (Corporate & Finance)
Ensures the development of the Concessionaire function, corporate, cross-cutting, support and monitoring of subsidiaries.


Corporate Management
Is The Executive Group of Sonangol E.P.:
  1. Administration Council - is the body which is responsible for the management of Sonangol EP, which makes decisions regarding expansion and investment to be made by Sonangol Group, and reporting to the Government for managing the company.

  2. Supervisory Board - is the supervisory body of the activity and functioning of Sonangol EP.

  3. The Governing Board - is the advisory body to the Board of Directors of Sonangol EP, and is responsible for analyzing and reporting on the most important issues of Sonangol EP activity.