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With the opening of a public procurement process, Sonangol E.P. clarifies ...
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1. It is confirmed the opening of a public procurement process under the Angolan law on the typology of a Simplified Contract Procedure by invitation for the supply of gasoline, diesel and marine diesel, for the supply of the internal market of the Republic of Angola.
2. The Contracting Public Entity is Sonangol Logística Lda., And SONACI - Sonangol Comercialização Internacional, Lda., is responsible for the management of the public procurement process, as an agent of the Sonangol Group for the trading and marketing of crude oil and derivatives of the Sonangol Group.
3. The type of procurement procedure adopted stems from the urgency of ensuring timely delivery from the second quarter of 2018 without constraints on the internal market.
4. The Simplified Procurement Procedure began on January 17 of this year, with invitations to submit proposals for delivery by January 31, under penalty of disqualification.
5. It is worth mentioning that international oil companies with refining equipment and trading companies of international reputation, previously analyzed internally by Sonangol, were invited to meet the demanding and highly complex tender dossier specifications formulated for the purposes of the public procurement process.
6. The three most competitive proposals will be selected for a negotiation phase, prior to the award decision, which is expected to be completed by mid-February.

7. Lastly, it is important to mention that Sonangol E.P., through Sonangol Logística, Lda., held an international tender for the supply of petroleum products in 2015, culminating in the award of contracts to two international suppliers. In this regard, the current procedure is not new to the market and is part of a medium-term strategy to bring greater competitiveness to the Angolan oil import market, while the import segment is not liberalized. Just like today, in 2015, the largest trading companies and oil companies with refining apparatus were also invited to participate in the tender.

Communication and Imagem Directorate of Sonangol E.P. in Luanda, January 30, 2018.


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