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The Board of Directors decided to implement from July 1st, 2017, a reinforcement of control mechanisms and efficiency in the procurement system and purchases payments...
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In order to guarantee that the acquisitions of goods and services related to third party supplies and services for Sonangol E.P. and its subsidiaries is made in accordance to current norms, the Board of Directors reiterates that the process of reception and verification of invoices/ credit notes for payments should be performed in accordance with the following precepts starting July 1st 2017.
1. No new supply of goods or services is to be initiated without the reception of a purchase order. Sonangol will not be responsible for the payments of equipment, services or materials for which the invoices are not in accordance with the purchase order or signed contract from this date forward.
2. The existence of a purchase order or formal contract is the only way to ensure transparency of obligations assumed by Sonangol and by its suppliers. Therefore, it is not authorized the start of any service or supply of materials for which the confirmation has been made informally, notably by e-mails or calls.
3. The invoices/credit notes for all third party supplies and services rendered to Sonangol E.P. and its subsidiaries must be sent to the central of reception and verification at the following address:
To the attention to Financial Department – Supervisor and Control (Direcção Financeira – Departamento de Supervisão e Controlo)
Sonangol E.P. Headquarters
Street Rainha Ginga n.º 29-31, 13º floor
Zip Code: 1316
Luanda, República de Angola
4. The issuing of invoices must be in accordance with the presidential decree nº 149/13 from October 1st, article 7.º, and obey the following requisites and compulsory informative elements:
a. Name, denomination, address of supplier and its NIF (Número de identificação fiscal)/ TIN (Taxpayer identification number);
b. Name, denomination, address of the requesting entity/ buyer and its respective NIF;
c. Number of the purchase order (PO) at the text of the invoice/credit note made available when Sonangol contacted the supplier. When an invoice/credit note refers to more than one PO, it has to be detailed item by item;
d. Discrimination of goods/services rendered and the respective quantities;
e. Final price in national currency;
f. Applicable taxes and total tax amount due;
g. Enumeration by economical years;
h. Dates in which the goods/ services were made available to the buyer or that payment have been made prior to operations, if this date does not coincide with the issuance of the invoice;
i. Contract registration code, whenever it is applicable;
j. Wording in Portuguese language;
k. Whenever there are amendments to the document, in it must be contained the expression “amendment” or “substitution”, as well as the identification of the rectified or substituted document.
5. Invoices/ credit notes will be returned and not considered for payments when they encounter one or more of the below issues:

a. Not consistence with the criteria defined in the presidential decree 149/13;
b. Documents without clear mention to the PO (purchase order);
c. Pro-forma invoices, copies, budgets or other non-binding documents;
d. Documents that are past their expiration date;
e. Duplicated documents.
6. For the purpose of settlement of liabilities, Sonangol also requires its suppliers to provide the following details regarding the bank account to which the respective payment should be made:

a. Banking institution;
b. Holder;
c. Account number;
d. IBAN.
It should be emphasized that Sonangol E.P. and its subsidiaries will not be responsible for the payment of documents in which the above data is not correctly identified.
This procedure aims not only to guarantee meeting legal and fiscal requirements associated with registration and payment of invoices to suppliers of Sonangol E.P. and its subsidiaries, but also the improvement of Sonangol internal processes in order to fulfill timely its financial obligations with its partners.
Best Regards,
Sonangol E.P. Board of Directors
Luanda, June 13, 2017.


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