Invitation For Tender [BIDS]

Sonangol Pesquisa & Produção, S.A. is a Angolan enterprise on Exploration and Oil and Gas Production, hereby invites qualified contractors to present tenders, for the services bellow.
Detailed information about each Tender can be found by clicking on the respective services:

ITT Reference                Description of Services
01/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Medical care and supply of medicines and consumables to offshore (Block 3/05)
02/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Provision of lifting equipment and inspection service
03/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Waste Management Services (onshore/offshore)
04/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Fornecimento de Combustível (MGO e Jet no Offshore & Onshore)
05/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Car Rental with and without drivers
06/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Suporte Aeroportuário (embarque e desembarque de passageiros e bagagens)
07/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Desinfestação e Controle de pragas e roedores (Bloco 3/05 e Sonils)
08/ITT/DIRCL/2018 Pacassa and Oombo Reservoir Modelling B_305
08/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of chemicals and related services
09/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of chemicals and related services an accomodation barge and related services
10/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of upstream technical skills and capacity
11/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Block 3/05 facilities revamp project
12/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Inspection and integrity management services (includes NDT)
13/ITT/DIRCL/2017Stock and Warehouse Management
14/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Materials Procurement 
15/ITT/DIRCL/2017 ​Provision of passengers transport vessels (HSPC)
16/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of support vessels for offshor activities (AHTS, SV, Tug and Line Handler)                        
17/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Electrical Logging Services
18/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Slick Line Services 
19/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Coil Tubing Services
20/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Risk Assessment and Evaluation
21/ITT/DIRCL/2017 General Maintenance Services for Block 3/05
22/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of maintenance and inspection of Safety on Block 3/05
23/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Operation and Maintenance of Palanca Terminal in Block 3/05
24/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Condition Monitoring Maintenance
25/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Radio Operator, Helicopter Land Officer (HLO) and Helicopter Deck Assistantance (HDA) Services
26/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Clearance and vetting services for Marine Terminals Palanca and Gimboa, for Exporting vessels
27/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Repair and Revamping of Fixed and Portable Cranes of Block 3/05
28/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Software Solution for Production Data Management for Block 3/05 and Block 4/05
29/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Metering Equipments Maintenance and Calibrating
30/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Repair, Installation and Certification of Life Saving Crafts of Block 3/05
31/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Dormitory and Refectory Management Services
32/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of Wellheads and Christmas Trees Maintenance Services
33/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Provision of 340/540Klbs Capacity, Snubbing Rig/Hydraulic Workover Unit and Associated Services
34/ITT/DIRCL/2017 Purchase of Fire Fighting Equipment
35/ITT/DIRCL/2017 PAGA System – Communication and Evacuation Alert Services for Block 3/05 Main Platforms

Detailed information on the tenders listed above can be found at:



Interested contractors should send an e-email to , untill 16h February 2018 making reference to the ITT Reference(s) of the service(s) that it intends to tender.


The delivery of the documents after the deadline indicated will result in disqualification of the company.

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