Advertisement For Tender [Bids]

A SONANGOL PESQUISA E PRODUÇÃO, S.A. is Angolan enterprise on Exploration anfd Oil and Gas Production,, hereby invites qualified contractors to present tenders, for the services bellow. Detailed about each tender can be found by clicking on the respective services: 

Reference                Description of Services For Project Caco-Gazela
01/lTT/DlRCL/2019 Drilling Rig
02/1TT/DlRCL/2019 MWD/DD/LWD (& Real time data)
03/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Cementing
04/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Cementing Accessories
05/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Drilling and Completion Fluids
06/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Drilling Bits
07/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Solids Control
08/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Waste Management
09/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Tubular Running Service (TRS)
1O/lTT/DlRCL/2019 Wellhead & X-mas Tree Services
11/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Mud Logging & PP Real time Monitoring
12/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Fishing (incl. Whipstock)
13/1TT/DlRCL/2019 ROV
14/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Rig Positioning
15/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Safety ( H2S)
16/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Marine Vessels
17/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Tank Cleaning
18/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Liner Hanger
19/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Wellbore Cleanout & Filtration
20/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Completions
21/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Site Survey-(Shallow Hazard)
22/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Bridge Plugs, Packers, Well Suspension and Inflow Tools, etc
23/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Container Services
24/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Tubular & Accessories Inspection
25/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Lifting Equipment Accessories
26/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipment Accessories, Containers and Baskets
27/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Rig Inspection
28/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Misc. Equipment Supply
29/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Machine Shop
30/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Continuous Circulating Device
31/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Blowout Contingency Planning & Emergency
32/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Casing / Completion Design Quality Assurance
33/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Well Control modelling, analysis, independent review and Training
34/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Downhole Tools (Under Reamer, Hole Opener, Drilling Jars )
35/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Casing and Tubing Supply
36/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Well Hook – Up to Existing Installations
                 Other Services
37/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Environmental Monitoring (Block 3/05 and 4/05)
38/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Diving and ROV Services type IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair)
39/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Manufacturing and Testing of Flexible Hoses (Submarine and Floating) for FSO Palanca Para FSO Palanca
40/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Services Of Inspection and Certification Of Offshore Lifting Equipment
41/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Corrosion Monitoring
42/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Annulus Testing
44/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Power Generation System Recovery
45/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Dead Stock Technical And Operational Evaluation
46/1TT/DlRCL/2019 Revamping of Fire and Gas Detection Extinguishing Systems


Detailed information on the tenders listed above can be found



Interested contractors should send, an email, until

22nd of February 2019, 

making reference to the ITT Reference(s) of the service(s) that it intends to tender.

The delivery of the documents after de deadline indicated will result in disqualification of the company.