Consistent with the goals for the National Program for Development 2013-2017, Sonangol-EP, as National Concessionaire for Hydrocarbons, proposes the following National Crude Oil Policy:

Leadership of the country's economic growth, either through its annual growth rate, or through their contribution to nominal GDP, at current levels, or above 50%;

Assurance stability and sustainability of tax revenues through the stabilization in the long term, the contribution of state property rights (income of the National Concessionaire);

Contributing to the stability and the sustainability of the oil wealth intergenerational transfer through the Strategic Oil Reserve Base Infrastructure and the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Angola;

Contribution so that Angola is positioned as the largest oil producer in Africa and as such, ensure that the country remains as the 3rd largest African economy.


The Natural Gas Policy based upon the following principles:

The development, harnessing and monetization of natural gas resources discovered and to discover should constitute:

  • Primary decisive factor for the industrialization of the country;
  • Additional Factor for achieving national energy security, sustaining that industrialization ".

This policy embodies the schedule set in the National Development Plan 2013 - 2017 in order to ensure the strategic integration of Angola among the countries producing energy and develop the "Cluster of Crude Oil and Natural Gas", contributing to the funding and development of the economy and it's diversification.


The Mid and Downstream Logistics Chain Sonangol comprises the Business of "Crude Oil Refining", "Natural Gas Development," "Transportation of Crude Oil, Gas and Derivatives", "Oil and Associates Derivatives Storage", and of "Crude Oil Sales and Distribution, Gas and derivatives".

The Strategy for the Integration of Logistic Chain consists in the "scaling of the assets of the Mid and Downstream business, ensuring its interconnection and operating efficiently."


Industrial activities to support the oil sector shall be exercised based on the following management model:

Organizational template

Sonangol Holdings Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Sonangol EP which will concentrate all industrial activity to support the oil industry.

Sonangol Holdings assumes an organizational format of sub-holding companies, having as its direct subsidiary Sonangol Industrial Investments (Siind), which in turn will hold the productive units to support the oil industry, including:

  • Future industrial units for the production of components for the oil industry;
  • Manufacturing centers;
  • Logistical bases;
  • Industrial parks.


For the period 2015-2017, the company provides, in terms of human capital development, a number of challenges, among which the following stand out:

  • Mitigate the effects of the shortage of the labor force;
  • Developing skills;
  • Adjust the composition of the workforce;
  • Improve labor productivity;
  • Improve the effectiveness of control;
  • Retain and motivate talent;
  • Manage knowledge.