• Promote sustainability and growth of the national oil industry, to ensure greater return for the Angolan government. Guarantee the participation of national businesses and individuals in in the industry activities and benefit the Society with the results generated.
2015 Goals
  • Be an integrated and competitive oil company. with international projection and high level of performance based on the best practices of Corporate Governance.
  • To be always up to our commitments to the state, society, partners and our employees and ensure generation of dividends for our shareholders.
Corporate goals
  • Sonangol’s primary purpose is prospecting, research, development, production, transportation, commercialization and transformation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including petrochemicals.

  • By decision of its Board of Directors, and without prejudice to what is specifically provided by law, Sonangol may also engage directly or indirectly in activities complementary or ancillary to its corporate purpose or any other industrial or commercial purposes.

  • In pursuing its goals, Sonangol may constitute new companies and acquire all or part of the capital of an established company and whenever it detains a totality or a majority of the voting capital of said companies, it will establish the coordination, economic and financial direction and the business development of the said company.

  • Sonangol may, in terms of applicable legislation, establish in conjunction with national and/or foreign entities the type of association and cooperation that is most beneficial to the fulfillment of its corporate goals.

  • When establishing companies and joint ventures, Sonangol shall observe the principles of specialization and vertical integration, in order that the companies thereby constituted maintain their legal identities.





 Despite being a public company, Group Sonangol bases the financial and administrative management of its companies on the management standards of Commercial companies. To achieve the established levels of efficiency and productivity, the company emphasizes the application of modern management methods to make the Group more efficient and transparent to the outside world. Some of the policies we use:


  • accounts reporting of all group companies in conformity to international standards of financial rigor.
  • achievement of each group's companies goals with transparency and responsibility.
  • valorisation of the human capital and creating of a professional environment conducive to self-motivation.
  • responsibility towards the environment and for its preservation.

Foreseeing the entry of domestic private companies in the oil sector, Sonangol expanded its business and level of expertise to prepare for free competition.


Our values

  • Orientation to the client
  • Excellence in performance
  • Team Work
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • Ethical conduct
  • Efective communication